Global AI governance: What is the UK’s role?

In conversation with Brad Smith, the Rt Hon Tony Blair, and Baroness Martha Lane Fox. 

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28 June 2023 — 2:00PM TO 3:00PM
Chatham House and Online

Global AI governance: What is the UK's role?

— In conversation with Brad Smith, the Rt Hon Tony Blair, and Baroness Martha Lane Fox.

As UK prime minister Rishi Sunak prepares for the Global Summit on AI Safety later this year, the UK is attempting to find its place in the discussion of the safe and responsible application of artificial intelligence (AI).

With the rapid pace of development, policymakers and business must work together to build workable regulatory frameworks for AI – to both maximise its transformative potential and prevent negative and unintended consequences.

When applied successfully AI has been revolutionary across many sectors and applications and is seen as a critical opportunity for the UK and countries globally.

How can this technology be developed safely and responsibly – and in a way that is coordinated and interoperable globally?

This event is held in partnership with Microsoft and discusses key questions including:

  • What kind of role can the UK play in the global governance of AI?

  • What can the UK’s AI summit proposed for autumn 2023 most meaningfully deliver?

  • Who are the UK’s most important international partners in developing an AI regulatory framework?

  • How can government, research and business work better together to maximise AI’s impact in our future societies?

This event is co-hosted with the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change, and held in partnership with Microsoft.

In-person attendance for this event is closed, however online registrations are still open.

As with all member events, questions from the audience drive the conversation.

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