Modern changes in the global economy

Can the World Trade Organization adapt to the 21st century? This event will be followed by a reception.

Members event, Panel
21 April 2022 — 6:00PM TO 7:00PM
Chatham House and Online

Since the World Trade Organization’s (WTO) creation in 1995, international trade links have never been so strained. The Covid-19 pandemic and geopolitical tensions have created new and amplified existing challenges to the global trading framework. The world continues to react to China’s rise as ‘the other economic superpower’ and adjusts to the trade and economic implications of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Global trade links stretch further than international commerce. Trade has a profound impact on national, regional and global economic, environmental, and social structures. Experts on the panel will explain how this transition should take place and which new trade rules are needed for a new world. How can the rules of trade and the functioning of the WTO continue to be fit for purpose in the 21st century?

Key questions to be discussed include:

  • How can the WTO succeed over the coming decades?

  • To ensure trade links among WTO members remain strong, what steps must be taken to revitalize and reimagine the organisation?

  • What measures in the short-term are vital for the WTO’s continued relevance?

  • How role can the WTO play regarding efforts to promote trade and advance sustainable development whilst combating climate change?

This event forms part of Chatham House’s work on Reinvigorating multilateralism.

As with all Chatham House member events, questions from members drive the conversation. This event is followed by a reception.

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