The Taiwan factor: Elections, supply chains, and US-China relations

Can China and the US avoid an escalatory spiral while Taiwan maintains its de facto independence?

Members event, Panel Recording
27 June 2023 — 1:00PM TO 2:00PM

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Situated in the heart of East Asia, Taiwan’s strategic location has made it a focal point in the power struggle between China and the US.

As a vibrant democracy and a key player in high-tech industries, Taiwan has become an important partner for the US, serving as a counterbalance to China’ growing influence in the region. But China argues Taiwan is part of its territory and is determined to integrate it.

As the Taiwanese people prepare to elect their next president in January 2024, this is a vital time to discuss how Taiwan can maintain its de facto independence in a time of rising US-China tensions.

The experts discuss:

  • What tactics are the Chinese government using to increase the pressure on Taiwan and what would cause Beijing to use even more coercive approaches?

  • How are US-China tensions impacting Taiwan and how is Taiwan affecting US-China relations?

  • What are the likely impacts of the Taiwanese elections in January 2024?

  • How is Taiwan’s pivotal role in the manufacture of semi-conductors and other high-technology products shaping its relationships with China, the US, Japan, and other major powers?

  • What role can the UK and other European nations play in supporting Taiwan, deterring China and helping to maintain regional peace and stability?

As with all member events, questions from the audience drive the conversation.

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