The US, China and the climate test

Is it possible to compete for dominance in the world while collaborating to save it?

Members event, Panel Recording
15 October 2021 — 1:00PM TO 2:00PM

The US, China and the climate test - highlights

— Is it possible to compete for dominance in the world while collaborating to save it?

Climate change is the ultimate test for major powers competing for dominance in the world and also collaborating to save it. The US and China are jointly responsible for 40 per cent of greenhouse gas emissions and, without them coming together, no meaningful progress can be made.

The evidence so far suggests that conventional diplomacy – a combination of carrot and stick of the handshake and the megaphone – is not succeeding. Yet all sides know they must act in order to prevent catastrophe not least for their own populations. The most likely triggers for radical change lie elsewhere. 

In conversation with several experts, John Kampfner explores how radical change to combat the climate emergency can be galvanized.

  • Which big power, or which political system, will seize the mantle of the green global citizen?

  • Which country will seize the huge economic benefits arising from green technologies? 

  • And how bad will it have to get before people demand radical change even in authoritarian states?

This event is part of Chatham House’s ongoing work on realizing sustainability, and supports our new feature on climate politics.

As with all member events, questions from the audience drive the conversation.

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