War on Ukraine: Evolution of the war

Experts discuss the current state of the conflict and what is next.

Members event, Panel Recording
7 July 2022 — 1:00PM TO 2:00PM

War on Ukraine: evolution of the war

— Expert-led panel investigate questions on the evolution of the war.

As the world moved past 100 days of conflict in Ukraine, there has been a gradual evolution in the war since it was first launched by Russia in late February. A disastrous attempt to seize Kyiv and secure a lightning victory has been replaced by a war of attrition focused on the south and east in the Donbas. The recent pivot to focus on the Donbas and the sought-after land bridge to Crimea by Russian forces has recalibrated the focus of the war.

Key developments of the war have been in focus; Russian tactical failings, large losses on the battlefield, Ukrainian military adaptability and resolve. A drawn-out war of trench warfare, regular artillery bombardments and minimal advances has taken shape.

The expert-led panel investigate questions including:

  • How would one assess the military records of both Ukraine and Russia during the first months of conflict?

  • Why did Russian forces fail to seize Kyiv and what has prompted their performance so far?

  • Can one point to success and failures in non-conventional forces such as the cyber war? Does the Russian military have weaponry that can radically change the face of the war?

  • Are we destined for a long, drawn-out war of attrition? What can both sides take from such a position?

  • Has Western military aid adequately supported Ukraine’s defences?

 This event is part of Chatham House’s ongoing work focused on the future of conflict.

As with all Chatham House member events, questions from members drive the conversation.

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