As the pandemic continues to expand, the prospect of the virus becoming endemic and the economic and societal impact of measures aimed at suppressing it are increasingly felt. The world is entering a new phase of the crisis with countries needing to find ways to successfully live with the virus.

The opening session of the autumn series of interactive webinars on the coronavirus with Professor David Heymann, helping us to understand the facts and make sense of the latest developments in the global crisis. He and special guest Dr Michael Ryan will take stock of how the pandemic and the response to it has unfolded over the summer and discuss what the world is facing going forward.

Where are we with the pandemic now? What does it mean to find a way to live with the virus? Might there be a way to reduce transmission to a sustainable level that is both manageable and socially and economically acceptable?

Professor Heymann is a world-leading authority on infectious disease outbreaks. He led the World Health Organization’s response to SARS and has been advising the organization on its response to the coronavirus.

Dr Ryan is the executive director of the World Health Organization (WHO) Health Emergencies Programme. He has led many responses to high-impact epidemics and is leading the global response to the pandemic.


Professor David Heymann CBE, Distinguished Fellow, Global Health Programme, Chatham House; Executive Director, Communicable Diseases Cluster, World Health Organization (1998-03)
Dr Mike Ryan, Executive Director, WHO Health Emergencies Programme
Chair: Emma Ross, Senior Consulting Fellow, Global Health Programme, Chatham House