Can NATO keep Europe secure?

Following the 2024 Washington DC summit, how does the alliance fortify Europe against threats?

Open event, Panel Livestream
18 July 2024 — 1:00PM TO 2:00PM

Event video

Experts discuss NATO’s next steps in supporting Ukraine against Russia’s invasion.

As officials meet in Washington for the NATO Summit, marking its 75th year, European security has firmly returned to the top of the agenda. The war in Ukraine remains the pre-eminent security crisis on the continent in decades and shows no signs of abating.

There is plenty for member states to consider. Whilst NATO focusses on countering Russian aggression, global threats are also growing in prominence. The inclusion of Indo-Pacific allies suggests a broadening scope of international threats to European security. The accession of Finland and Sweden reinforces the value of Article 5 to countries in Europe, despite questions around how far some will go to enforce it. Defence industries are ramping up to meet demand, but so far have struggled to improve production and supply, with a clear impact on the battlefields of Ukraine. Elections in the US and across Europe have the potential to undermine the alliance’s strength of unity, or bolster it.

Did the NATO 2024 Washington Summit allay or increase such concerns?

In this session, experts will discuss:

  • What should NATO’s next steps be in supporting Ukraine against Russia’s invasion?
  • Is more enlargement on the horizon and what are the considerations around possible Ukrainian accession?
  • What impact will the US and European elections have on NATO preparedness and capability to counter future threats?

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