Director’s Briefing: What’s next for UK/Russia relations?

In conversation with Dame Deborah Bronnert DCMG, UK Ambassador to the Russian Federation.

Partner and major corporate event Invitation only
7 September 2023 — 11:45AM TO 1:00PM
Chatham House

The political relationship between the UK and Russia is effectively adversarial. Without seismic change in Russian foreign and domestic policy this is likely to continue in the short to medium term. Russia’s illegal, full-scale invasion of Ukraine is an insurmountable obstacle to rebuilding relations.

With the imprisonment, exile and general weakness of Russian opposition, the prospects for a post-Putin reset seem bleak. As recently as late July, Russia introduced a travel notification system for UK diplomats, a move which is a blatant contravention of the Vienna Convention and a sign of the dire state of the UK/Russia relationship.