Americas regional cybercrime consultation: towards inclusive policymaking

 This consultation will provide a platform for sharing knowledge, information and perspectives on different issues pertaining to the UN cybercrime convention. 

Research event, Panel
27 April 2022 — 3:00PM TO 6:00PM

Cybercrime knows no borders and is increasingly posing serious threats to communities around the world. As a result, policies developed to counter cybercrime have direct consequences for human rights, prosperity and security.

Between 2022 and 2023, UN member states will negotiate a new convention on cybercrime, as mandated by UN General Assembly resolution 74/247. The future convention will determine the parameters of criminal acts in cyberspace, international cooperation to counter cybercrime and more - and its implementation may have far-reaching, global consequences for fighting the criminal use of ICTs. While the convention is negotiated by member states, it is imperative that voices from civil society, technical experts, private sector, researchers and activities are sufficiently represented and heard. 

Non-state stakeholders have invaluable experiences and perspectives to share to improve the effectiveness and inclusiveness of cybercrime policymaking. Sharing their concerns is urgent given the impact a future UN cybercrime treaty has on diverse stakeholder groups around the world.

In this context, Chatham House’s International Security Programme and Igarapé Institute’s Digital Security Programme will host a virtual regional consultation for non-governmental stakeholders from the Americas region. This consultation will provide a platform for sharing knowledge, information and perspectives on different issues pertaining to the convention. Its main findings will be summarised in a report which will be published and shared with key policymakers in the region and beyond.

We welcome all organisations and experts interested in participating to register. Seats will be limited - please register your interest at your earliest convenience.

As UN member states prepare to negotiate a convention on cybercrime, Chatham House is supporting inclusive and effective cybercrime policymaking through online training, virtual consultations co-hosted with regional partners, Track 1.5 policy dialogues and an open-access special issue of the Journal of Cyber Policy. Click here for more information.

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