Common Futures Conversations: How can we deliver responsible technology?

Young people from across Africa and Europe outline their policy proposals for creating a more responsible technology sector with key decision makers.

Research event, Panel
27 July 2022 — 5:00PM TO 6:00PM

Sustainable tech ?

— Discussion on delivering responsible technology.

The last decade has seen incredible growth in the tech sector worldwide. In the UK, the sector is estimated to have grown tenfold in the last ten years, and in Africa, tech start-ups have blown up from the Silicon Savannah in Kenya to Lagos’ Yaba District. At such a colossal rate of change, it’s no surprise that governments struggle to keep pace with developments and that regulation can fall short.

In the face of the disconnect between technological developments and government regulation, how can we make sure tech companies are behaving ethically and contributing positively to the world? How can we encourage big companies to do what’s best for citizens rather than their profit margins and make sure that emerging companies and technologies develop in ways that minimize risks?

Common Futures Conversations is Chatham House’s flagship youth initiative which offers an innovative channel for young people in Europe and Africa to engage with politics and develop their perspectives on key global challenges.

Throughout June and July this year, CFC members have been sharing and discussing the impacts of technology on society and what action should be taken to deliver a responsible tech sector. They have explored the challenges of tech governance, rights on the internet, social media and online working with each other and experts and have been developing policy solutions. To mark the culmination of their work, a number of CFC participants will outline their policy proposals to a panel of decision-makers at this interactive webinar.

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