Corporate sustainability reporting: Transformative policies and circular opportunities

 This panel will discuss sustainable finance regulations and explore how circular economy can be part of policy transformation.

Research event, Panel
9 March 2022 — 9:30AM TO 10:45AM

The accelerating climate and biodiversity crises mean there are growing demands on companies for transparent reporting on sustainability-related impacts and risks. Global norms for corporate sustainability reporting are now changing rapidly. At COP26, the International Sustainability Standards Board was formed to improve global harmonization of sustainability reporting. Meanwhile, the UK and EU are moving forward with ambitious policies that will require companies to rethink their reporting on environmental risks and impacts.

Circular economy plays a key role in building resilience against environmental impacts and risks, but it’s only starting to make its way into corporate sustainability reporting. How could circular economy be integrated into emerging regulations, and are companies prepared to report on circularity?

The purpose of this event will be to update on some of the key developments in sustainable finance regulations, in the EU, UK and internationally. It will also look at how circular economy can be part of this policy transformation.

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The event is co-organised with E3G and funded by the Laudes Foundation.

This panel event will be followed by a policy dialogue under the Chatham House Rule, from 10:50am—12:00pm GMT.

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