Developing new responses to disinformation

What is missing in responses to disinformation, and what new perspectives are needed?

Research event
21 March 2024 — 4:00PM TO 5:15PM
Chatham House and Online

New ways of thinking about - and working against - disinformation are urgently required, particularly as it threatens to disrupt democracies in 2024 elections and beyond, and because there are some serious gaps in existing research on and responses to it. Among these gaps is a lack of appreciation of how disinformation fluctuates as it travels across boundaries of time, platform, language, and culture, and of how shifts in definitions of disinformation influence the development of disinformation narratives themselves.

This public panel will invite experts and decision-makers from academia, regulation, the media and industry to discuss what else is currently missing from multi-stakeholder approaches to countering disinformation. Speakers will discuss what other new perspectives are needed, with a spotlight on a new research initiative designed to trace disinformation’s ‘cross-border’ trajectories.

Participants attending the panel at Chatham House are also warmly invited to attend the post-event reception from 17.15-18.30 GMT.

This event will be delivered in partnership with Manchester University as part of the newly launched initiative on re-orienting approaches to disinformation, Mistranslating Deceit.

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