Eighth Annual Meeting of the New Producers Group

The New Petroleum Producers Discussion Group was first established in 2012 and provides a unique forum which brings together governments from over 30 new and prospective oil and gas producers to share their ideas and experiences.

Research event Invitation only
1 December 2020 TO 3 December 2020 — 2:00PM TO 5:30PM

The 2020 Annual Meeting is held against the backdrop of a global pandemic which precipitated a crash in oil markets, hampered or halted operations and caused many oil and gas investments to be delayed or shelved.

In addition to these immediate effects there will also be long-term ramifications associated with the global energy transition towards a lower carbon economy. The 2020 Annual Meeting will focus on how new producers adapt their approaches in light of the shocks from the pandemic and the prospects that global energy transition will precipitate significant changes in oil and gas markets.

We will host plenary sessions with subject matter experts, who will seek to explain the causes of these disruptions and tease out possible impacts and policy implications. These will be followed by break-out sessions for government officials only, in which they will delve deeper into implications for countries in similar circumstances.

The group is jointly coordinated by Chatham House, the Commonwealth Secretariat, and the Natural Resource Governance Institute (NRGI).

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