Is Europe ready to face hardships in support of Ukraine?

This panel discusses the place for Ukraine in the European security framework and Europe’s preparedness to continue supporting Ukraine in a prolonged war.

Research event, Panel Recording
1 March 2023 — 3:00PM TO 4:30PM

Is Europe ready to face hardships in support of Ukraine ?

— Expert panel discuss whether Europe is ready to face hardships in support of Ukraine.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine and its broad impact has tested European unity in profound and unprecedented ways – from military support through to the country’s future prospects for admission to the European Union (EU).

The consequences of war such as increased energy prices are felt across households in Europe, and refilling member nations’ weapons stockpiles is putting pressure on pre-existing needs of NATO members and the defence industry.

These are among many issues causing tensions in societies and influencing political debate across the continent. Yet Europe is surviving the winter with just enough natural gas in storage while humanitarian and military aid continues to flow to Ukraine.

Recent German concession on tanks suggest continued support from key providers, although questions of longer-term commitment into 2024 and increasingly sophisticated weaponry have often been dodged so far.

  • Is Europe prepared for a prolonged war in Ukraine?
  • Are societies determined to stand with Ukraine even as things get harder for Europe?
  • Is the world ready to offer Ukraine membership in NATO and the EU? 
  • Can the European military industry supply both Ukraine and restock NATO countries’ own defences?
  • What lessons can traditional European security providers learn from countries that ‘got Russia right’?

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