Iran workshop series: Iran's presidential election

Experts discuss domestic dynamics in Iran before the 2021 presidential election and how the outcome of the election could influence JCPOA negotiations, the dynamics of US-Iran relations, regional tensions and internal politics of transition.

Research event, Workshop Invitation only
7 May 2021 — 1:30PM TO 3:30PM

The next presidential election in Iran is set for 18 June 2021 to determine President Hassan Rouhani’s successor. The vote will take place in the context of continuing economic pressures due to US sanctions and the COVID-19 pandemic, public frustration with fiscal mismanagement and worsening economic conditions, and tensions between the US and Iran over the future of the JCPOA.

Voter turnout will be a significant factor for the outcome of this election. Sanctions relief and progress on the JCPOA re-entry could motivate the population to vote and thereby benefit moderate candidates. Should hardline conservatives win office, though, the tone and tenor of the debate around US negotiations could very much change and could potentially impede progress not just on the JCPOA but also on wider regional issues.

This half-day workshop is organized with the Near East South Asia (NESA) Center for Strategic Studies.

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