The role of Belarus in Russia’s war against Ukraine

Experts discuss how Belarus’s role has evolved during the war against Ukraine.

Research event, Panel Recording
25 October 2023 — 2:00PM TO 3:30PM
Chatham House and Online

Event recording

Experts discuss how the war has changed the RussiaBelarus relationship.

Belarus plays a key role in Russia’s war against Ukraine. The recent positioning of nuclear warheads on Belarusian soil solidifies its position as Russia’s ‘captive ally’.

At the same time, support for the war among the Belarusian population remains mixed, despite the propaganda delivered by state media. Since the beginning of the war, around a thousand Belarusian volunteers signed up to fight on behalf of Ukrainian forces in pursuit of regional stability.

The panel discuss:

  • What security interests do the West, Ukraine, and Russia have in Belarus?

  • How does Russia use Belarusian territory and military infrastructure in the war?

  • How did the war change the Russia–Belarus relationship?

  • What might make Belarusian attitudes to the war shift significantly? And how much of a problem would that be for the regime?

  • What is the significance of Belarusian volunteers fighting for Ukraine?

  • How does Ukraine perceive Belarus’s role in the war? 

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