The transatlantic relationship and China: Recalibrating strategic engagement

This workshop will analyse the developing strategic relationships with China. 

Research event, Workshop Invitation only
30 September 2021 — 1:45PM TO 5:00PM

Since entering the White House, the Biden administration has embraced the notion of ‘extreme competition with China’, elevated the issue of protecting democratic values and stressed working with partners in confronting the challenges that China presents. Across the pond, the German federal election on 26 September 2021 could bring clarity to the China policy of the EU’s largest economy and most populous member state. Questions concerning alignment with France and the EU’s policies will continue to be important dimensions and the UK’s China policy continues to be subject to contestation at home.

This workshop will tackle questions such as: How much support is there both domestically and among America’s partners (especially in Europe) for the US’s new China strategy? How has the estimation of the challenges and opportunities presented by China shifted in Germany, France and the UK over the last 18 months? What are the implications of the recently announced trilateral security partnership between Australia, the US and the UK for efforts to recalibrate Europe’s (and a joint transatlantic) approach to China and the Indo-Pacific? As competition with China intensifies, what will be the implications for research cooperation and university exchanges between the US, Europe and China?  

This workshop is a central part of a multi-year initiative on the rise of China and implications for transatlantic partners that the US and the Americas programme at Chatham House is undertaking in partnership with the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung.

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