Tunisia: The end of the democratic transition?

Speakers explore Tunisia’s crisis of democracy and the future of the country amidst a multitude of challenges.

Research event, Panel
15 June 2023 — 1:30PM TO 2:45PM

Two years after invoking emergency powers and suspending parliament, Tunisia’s president Kais Saied is rolling back checks and balances, rights and freedoms previously guaranteed under the constitution.

The country’s once promising democratic transition seems to have lapsed into authoritarian restoration as rule of law institutions are eroded and cybercrime and counterterrorism laws wielded against regime critics and journalists. In addition, the country suffers from an economic crisis, and shortages of basic goods that are likely to worsen.

Echoing other authoritarian leaders, Tunisia’s president invokes a populist discourse built around a struggle between ‘the people’ and internal and external enemies, from political elites and unions to migrants and international financial institutions.

Where is Tunisia heading, amidst this multitude of crises? Can this dangerous slide to authoritarianism be halted and democracy restored?

The event will be held on the record and will be livestreamed on the MENA Programme’s Facebook page

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