US Trade Policy and the 2020 Election

As the US presidential election looms in November 2020, trade policy will be a key foreign policy issue.

Research event Invitation only
6 October 2020 — 2:00PM TO 3:00PM

While much of America’s focus and resources will be centred on domestic issues – in particular tackling the long-term economic dimensions of COVID-19 and addressing inequality – trade can play an important role in addressing these pressing challenges.

The last four years of US trade policy have been tumultuous. But which drivers of US trade policy have been Trump-specific, and which are more permanent features? What issues and tools will dominate the US trade policy agenda if President Trump is reelected? What would the overarching policy look like under a Biden administration? What should the focus of US trade policy be? And what is at stake for the rest of the world?

We gratefully acknowledge the financial support for this event from the Chatham House Global Trade Policy Forum’s founding partner AIG and supporting partners Clifford Chance LLP, Diageo plc and EY.

Please note this event is taking place between 2pm-3pm BST.

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