Virtual breakfast: The Ukraine crisis and the EU's role in European security

This event examines how the Ukraine crisis has raised new questions on the European Union’s ability to deal with the main security challenge to the continent. 

Research event, Panel
3 February 2022 — 8:30AM TO 9:30AM

The first half of 2022 should see the adoption of the EU’s Strategic Compass, which signals an aspiration for the EU to play a greater role as a security provider for the continent. At the same time, however, the EU is struggling to take a leadership role in the ongoing crisis with Russia at the Ukrainian border.  

As is often the case for issues relating to strategic stability in Europe, the current crisis is being dealt with mostly between Moscow and Washington – with Europeans involved mostly via NATO and EU-US coordination. 

Struggling to find their role in the current crisis with Russia, and still reflecting on the lessons to learn from the Trump presidency and the fall of Kabul, Europeans are once more confronted with questions relating to their unity, ability, and willingness to play a role to ensure their own security. 

  • What lessons, if any, can be drawn from the current crisis with Russia regarding the EU’s role in European security? 
  • What security objectives should Europeans pursue through an EU framework? With what tools and which partners?  
  • What appetite is there for Europe to develop its own approach and voice? Where does this leave cooperation with the US and the UK? 
  • What should be the division of labour and complementarity between the EU and NATO, at a time when the Alliance is renewing its own Strategic Concept? 

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