Virtual Workshop: National Narratives and the Rise of China: Is COVID-19 a Game-Changer for Transatlantic Narratives on China’s Rise?

Research event
18 June 2020 — 2:00PM TO 5:00PM

Leaders in China and the US have been working actively to shape the account of the origin and the handling of COVID-19. One question is how the pandemic, both its origins and national and international responses to it, are affecting the narrative of China’s global and regional role held by foreign policy elites in the US and Europe. With an eye to understanding the geopolitical implications of COVID-19 and the potential for this to influence global order, this workshop will seek to analyze the parameters that shape policy debate in the US, Canada and Europe concerning China. Is COVID-19 simply accelerating prior trends, or is it transforming the national narratives that shape national security, economics, technology, human rights and higher education policy discussions vis-à-vis China?

This workshop is part of our multi-year initiative which aims to understand American, Canadian and European policy towards China in a range of critical policy areas and is organized in partnership with the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung.

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