Webinar: The Role of Opposition and Alternative Policy for South Africa's Economic Recovery

John Steenhuisen, the interim leader of the DA, outlines how opposition parties can input and shape debates and policy agendas during the pandemic response.

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3 June 2020 — 5:00PM TO 6:00PM

The need for rapid and restrictive measures in response to the COVID-19 pandemic means that democratic institutions must adapt to find new ways of scrutinizing policy and ensuring transparency around data-driven responses to the virus and its economic impact.

The South African government faces a significant challenge in protecting livelihoods and reviving the economy while containing the spread of the virus. South Africa’s largest opposition party, the Democratic Alliance (DA), was initially supportive of the measures to prevent the spread of the virus, but has become increasingly critical of the government’s response.

At this event, John Steenhuisen, presents his party’s policy agenda for economic revival and long term sustainable growth in South Africa. He is joined for the Q&A by Gwen Ngwenya, head of policy at the Democratic Alliance.

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John Steenhuisen, Interim Leader, Democratic Alliance
Gwen Ngwenya, Head of Policy, Democratic Alliance
Chair: Dr Alexander Beresford, Associate Professor of African Politics, University of Leeds

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