What’s next after the US inauguration? Trends and predictions in American foreign rolicy

Panellists discuss the future of US foreign policy under a Joe Biden administration.

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19 January 2021 — 6:00PM TO 7:30PM

What’s Next after the US Inauguration? Trends and Predictions in American Foreign Policy

— Panellists discuss the future of US foreign policy under a Joe Biden administration.

Against the backdrop of Inauguration Day, all eyes are set on how the US government will address major challenges in the international arena.

From climate change to trade wars, the coronavirus to civil unrest, the US faces outsized and evolving global threats. Will 2021 signal a new shift in policies for the US? What guiding principles will orient America’s role in the world? What issues are likely to be at the top of the agenda for the president and for Congress, and how will the decisions they make affect the UK and other countries?

In this panel discussion, five leading experts – Kelly M. Greenhill (Tufts University), Joseph Sternberg (Wall Street Journal), Peter Trubowitz (LSE), Patrick Steel (Politico), and Leslie Vinjamuri (Chatham House) – analyse the directions of American foreign policy in the wake of the recent US elections.

This event is being run in partnership with the UCL Centre on US Politics.

For in-depth analysis by our experts on key foreign policy priorities for the US, please read our research paper on US Foreign Policy Priorities.


Professor Kelly M Greenhill, 2020-21 Leverhulme Visiting Professor in International Relations, SOAS; Researcher, Belfer Center, Harvard Kennedy School; Professor of Political Science and International Relations, Tufts University

Joseph Sternberg, Editorial-page editor, Europe, The Wall Street Journal

Professor Peter Trubowitz, Professor of International Relations, LSE; Director, US Centre, LSE

Dr Leslie Vinjamuri, Director, US and the Americas Programme, Chatham House

Patrick Steel, CEO, Politico

Chair: Dr Jonathan Monten, Associate Professor in Political Science, UCL

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