Zimbabwe’s 2023 elections

A discussion and analysis of the key priorities ahead of the coming elections.

Research event
10 August 2023 — 8:00AM TO 11:30AM

Zimbabwe is scheduled to hold presidential and parliamentary elections on 23 August 2023. Key priority issues for the 6.6 million registered voters will include the economy, rising inflation, unemployment, electricity shortages, and diversification. Points of ideological contention among presidential aspirants continue to centre on how to balance Zimbabwe’s international relations policy and debt burden with local ownership of the country’s development trajectory.
This hybrid roundtable event will provide a space for discussion among some of Zimbabwe’s key political parties and electoral candidates and reflect on the wider electoral environment. It will take stock of the diversity of ideological visions and manifestos offered, and explore priorities for domestic, regional, and international engagement.
This roundtable event will be held on the record.

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