US Election: The world after Florida

‘No presidential election has been won by lawyers and it would be foolish to start now’ opined The Sunday Times only a few days after the election failed to produce a cynicism about the political process has never been higher and where about a half of the registered voters do not even bother to vote on the grounds that politicians are not to be trusted, the result could not have been worse.

The World Today Updated 28 October 2020 Published 1 December 2000 4 minute READ

President for the United States. But that is precisely what has happened following the closest race for the White House for more than a century. Yet the pundits did get one thing right, even if they got Florida wrong on the night. The election, they had predicted, would be very tight.

The lack of issues, the manifest flaws of the two main candidates, and the belief that the economic boom would go on independent of who was in the White House, meant that it was just ‘too close to call’ Just how close we only discovered the morning after November 7 when the slips were totted up. It was a statistician’s fantasy. Only a few thousand votes out of the nearly a hundred million cast separated the two candidates.

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