Russia: Russia Turns West

The campaign against terrorism is fundamentally changing the international climate. Russia’s relations with the west are high on the list of areas under transformation. Ten years after the collapse of the Soviet Union, Russia is finally arriving as a fully-fledged member of the western community.

The World Today
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Vlad Sobell

Professor of Politics and Political Economy, Prague branch, New York University

Not only is the cold war conclusively over, President Vladimir Putin stands poised to use the new climate to purge his country of its lingering Soviet foreign and defence policy mindset. Old fashioned imperialism and truculent sabotage of an imaginary US-dominated ‘single polar system’ is being swapped for an influential place in the real world. Instead of losing sleep about a US world domination conspiracy, Russia is joining a real-life US-led international community, which jointly manages global economic and political stability in the interests of all.

Since it is implicit in economic reforms, this change would have happened anyway. But recent dramatic events were a catalyst. After his initial condemnation of the outrage and the declaration of Russia’s support for the US anti-terrorist drive, Putin retreated with his advisers to the Black Sea to weigh the level of involvement.

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