United States Presidential Election: It's Foreign Policy, Stupid

The upcoming election could be one of the closest – and most divisive – in recent American history. Its outcome is just as likely to be determined by what the ‘resistance’ in Iraq does between now and polling day, as by what happens in the US itself. For the first time since the Vietnam war, a foreign policy entanglement could make a huge difference to the politics of the last remaining superpower.

The World Today Published 1 January 2004 Updated 16 October 2020 5 minute READ

The dramatic capture of Saddam Hussein on Saturday December 13 may indeed be one of the great turning points in the history of Iraq; it may even secure President George Bush a second term. According to many pundits it already has.

However, as we move into election overdrive for this year’s race to the White House, the present incumbent at the end of Pennsylvania Avenue should beware those carrying false messages of optimism. There is still everything to play for. Bush meanwhile should keep at least three things in mind:

The first is that the president’s father – George Bush senior – was beaten after only one term by a previously unknown liberal, despite the fact that his presidency was regarded as a foreign policy success.

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