Getting the poorest 4 billion online

How leading tech companies are trialling a new way of wiring the world

The World Today
2 minute READ

Richard Allan, Facebook

Today nearly two thirds of humanity remains offline, that is more than 4 billion people. The internet is a powerful enabler of social and economic progress and everyone deserves to be connected. It is the responsibility of the technology industry to make this happen.

When trying to imagine how this could be achieved, it is tempting to imagine a massive infrastructure project building mobile phone towers in the desert, stringing cables across continents, and blasting satellites into orbit to beam internet access into the most remote regions of the world.

Certainly, some of these things need to be done. A lot of great innovators and companies are working to solve the infrastructure challenges in communities that lack even the basic foundations for connectivity, and these projects can bring real benefits to people in very remote areas.

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