Helena Kennedy QC on the threat to Britain from Little Englanders

The human rights barrister, broadcaster and Labour peer, tells us that Britain and its place in the world are under threat from Little Englanders

The World Today Updated 19 February 2021 Published 5 December 2014 6 minute READ

Alan Philps

Former Editor, The World Today, Communications and Publishing

As a proud Scot and member of the Labour Party what do you think of the government’s handling of the independence issue after the No vote?
The issue certainly hasn’t gone away and the ferment is real. I too feel cross, although I was against independence and I would have been in the No camp if I’d had a vote. I’m a Scot of Irish origin. For my parents’ generation, nothing in the world would have made them think about voting for the Scottish Nationalists. We, the Catholics and the Jews, were the bulwark against nationalism because we were frightened of what nationalism would mean. We thought it would exclude people like us, who experienced quite serious discrimination. The Labour movement was very important for Catholics in Scotland, as a way of creating greater fairness. So the idea of Scottish nationalism was anathema to us.

What has changed?

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