Vladimir Pozner, the face of Moscow TV on Russia's imperial hangover

The cold war propagandist turned TV inquisitor tells Alan Philps about Russia’s imperial hangover and why Vladimir Putin won’t appear on his show

The World Today Updated 11 December 2020 Published 11 December 2015 5 minute READ

For more than 30 years Vladimir Pozner was the voice and face of Russia – first as a Soviet propagandist on Radio Moscow’s English service, then as a ubiquitous presenter and talking head in the Gorbachev era. At 81, he still hosts a popular weekly interview show on Russian television. While in the past he was presenting Russia to the world, now the traffic has gone into reverse, with a nine-part series to explain modern Britain to the Russian audience.

Having heard his unmistakeable American-accented English on Radio Moscow for so long, I was keen to find out how this Cold War survivor viewed today’s stand-off between Russia and the West. And how did a true believer in Soviet communism navigate the transition through perestroika and back to the more constricted media environment of Putin’s Russia?

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