Debate: Is Norway the way ahead?

It’s the EU outsider everyone says has all the advantages. Kristin Clemet argues that her country still has to pay but has no say when it comes to crucial decisions

The World Today Published 23 March 2016 Updated 30 November 2020 2 minute READ

Kristin Clemet

Former minister of education and research, Norwegian government and director of Civita, a liberal policy institute

Norway is an EU outsider, but with the insider’s rights and obligations of the internal market. This might sound like an ideal solution. However, the price to pay is a substantial amount of cash and no say in the legislative process. Norway has placed itself on the political sidelines, as an observer in the making of Europe. Is this what Britain wants?

Norway’s relationship with the EU is governed by a huge number of binding agreements, the most important being the European Economic Area. This is an agreement between the three EFTA states – Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein – and the 28 members of the EU.

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