What do our neighbours think?

As the European Union lurches from financial meltdown to refugee crisis, the UK is about to hold a vote on pulling out. Most Europeans will have no say in the British referendum. A few niggles aside, Thomas Raines finds that the majority want the UK to remain.

The World Today
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Thomas Raines

Former Director, Europe Programme

In July 2014, a video was released by Let’s Stay Together, a campaign group for those in the rest of Britain working to keep Scotland in the United Kingdom. To the soundtrack of Queen’s You’re My Best Friend, it featured an array of mostly English celebrities holding signs imploring Scots to vote to stay in the UK. There has yet to be an equivalent ‘love-bomb’ from Britain’s continental neighbours (and, as in the Scottish case, it’s not clear it would help). But what do other Europeans make of Britain’s EU ambivalence?

Like most Brits during the Scottish vote, most EU citizens won’t get a say in the UK’s referendum on membership. But recent surveys of the views of other EU citizens towards the UK’s referendum offer some insights into what the rest of the Europe thinks.

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