2016: A year of surprises

If you had stared into a crystal ball 12 months ago and said Donald Trump will be US President-elect, the UK will opt out of Europe and Ed Balls will make Blackpool, few would have believed you. Here is a quiz to challenge your recall after a year that defied the pundits and the pollsters

The World Today Published 9 December 2016 Updated 26 November 2020 2 minute READ

Foreign Affairs
1 Who won the Nobel Peace Prize this year?

2 Name the Emperor of Japan who is considering retirement after a 27 year reign?

3 Which counry is currently No 1 in the Global Terrorism Index for terrorist activity?

4 How many countries are now using the euro?

5 The wife of a world leader’s spokesman performed a Holocaust-inspired ice-skating routine this year, dressed in a concentration camp striped uniform? Name the leader.

6 In which country was the Zika virus first isolated?

7 Which country ranked No 1 in the Good Country 2015 Index thanks to its Good Charitable Service and Volunteer service?

8 Which country became the 35th member of the OECD in July this year?

9 Who was Hillary Clinton’s running mate?

10 Which campaigning Hollywood actress was named in the Panama Papers?

11 When David Cameron resigned in June this year, which 5 MPs ran for leader?

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