Bin Laden on the run

Omar Waraich outlines a startling account of the hunt for Al-Qaeda’s leader

The World Today
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The Exile
Cathy Scott-Clark and Adrian Levy, Bloomsbury, £25

When a major news event breaks, a scramble ensues. News readers are interrupted to announce the first details that have been gleaned. A guest commentator or senior correspondent appears to offer informed speculation. Reporters board airliners and hasten to the scene. Over the next few days, the picture grows clearer. Just as the key facts are being established, the story moves on.

This is where Cathy Scott-Clark and Adrian Levy step in. Every few years, this pair of investigative reporters picks a major story to explore in pitiless detail. Having absorbed all the information out there, they travel to every location that may be relevant and speak to everyone they can contact. We are better informed because of their exertions.

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