Brussels cannot stomach fudge

Marie Le Conte on the clash of political styles that has stymied Brexit negotiations

The World Today Updated 6 November 2020 Published 4 April 2019 4 minute READ

Marie Le Conte

Freelance journalist

If you were immersed in the corridors of Westminster from an early age, it could be hard to see how odd a place it is. If you weren’t, and instead made your way there after a few decades in the real world, you would struggle to get accustomed to its puzzling and antiquated ways.

This usually isn’t a problem for British politicians. After all, it is their role to try and master the political system in which they operate, and they shouldn’t be expected to constantly take a step back and study the quirks of their job with a neutral eye. Academics exist for a reason.

Still, had they taken some time to examine the ways in which the Houses of Parliament differ from other law-making organs, MPs might not have had such a culture shock when faced with the European Union during the Brexit negotiations.

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