Roe v Wade: Abortion rights signed away

Renee Bracey Sherman on how the US political process has been hijacked

The World Today Published 3 December 2021 2 minute READ

Renee Bracey Sherman

American reproductive justice activist, founder and executive director of We Testify

On September 1, 2021, the state of Texas was allowed to ban abortion for nearly 90 per cent of patients, and to give complete strangers permission to sue anyone who helps someone obtain an abortion.

The Supreme Court justices remained silent.

The situation is dire. Nine Supreme Court justices are debating the fate of abortion restrictions in three different states, including the six-week ban in Texas and Mississippi’s 15-week ban. Both of these would overturn the right to an abortion as ruled by the court half a century ago.

My organization, We Testify, encourages people who have had abortions to share their experiences publicly. As the Texas anti-abortion law SB8 went into effect, we received numerous requests from news outlets around the world.

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