Votes around the world in 2024 will test Chinese diplomacy

How will Beijing anticipate key elections in America, India, Taiwan and elsewhere? By steering the world towards ‘multi-polarity’ and neutrality, writes Yu Jie.

The World Today Published 1 December 2023 Updated 30 November 2023 2 minute READ

As crises and elections unfold in 2024, the year looks destined to be geopolitically tumultuous. The results of elections in India, Russia, Taiwan and the United States will all affect the conduct of China’s foreign policy. Weaving a path through these complexities will serve as a litmus test for the success of its diplomacy. Will Beijing pull it off?

President Xi’s desire to restore a stable external environment in which China’s economy can recover from the dislocation caused by the Covid pandemic provides an incentive for diplomatic reconciliation with the US following the San Francesco summit in November.

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