Undercurrents: Chinese Millennials, and Attacks on Infrastructure in Gaza

Undercurrents returns with two new interviews this week; on life as a Chinese millennial, and how targeted attacks on infrastructure in the West Bank and Gaza affect the lives of civilians.

Audio Published 16 May 2019 Updated 8 July 2021 47 minute listen

Karoline Kan, author of Under Red Skies, speaks to Agnes about being a second daughter under China’s one-child policy and what Brexit looks like from the East.

Then Ben meets Erika Weinthal, a recent contributor to International Affairs, at the International Studies Association conference in Toronto. They discuss the problem of targeted attacks on civilian infrastructure in the West Bank and Gaza, and what the international community can do in response.

Read the interview in The World Today.

Read the article in International AffairsTargeting infrastructure and livelihoods in the West Bank and Gaza

Credits: Sound Editor: Jamie Reed. Recorded and produced at Chatham House, London.

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