Karoline Kan on being a Chinese millennial

The author of Under Red Skies speaks to Agnes Frimston about being a second daughter under China’s one-child policy and what Brexit looks like from the East

The World Today Published 4 April 2019 Updated 6 November 2020 4 minute READ

Agnes Frimston

Deputy Editor, The World Today

What is your book about?

It is about my own experience growing up in China as a millennial. I was born in the spring of 1989 but the book is not just about my generation because I try to weave in stories of the older generations of my family to show how their stories have affected my life choices.

I try to present real-life, common Chinese families to a western audience from the perspective of a young Chinese woman. In the past 30 years, as my generation has grown up, China has changed so quickly, so I try to present the inside stories to the reader. An important part of my book is about what it is like to be a woman in China, for my generation, my mother’s and my grandmother’s.

What do you think are the biggest differences between your generation your mother’s?

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