Undercurrents: EU Elections, and Sustainable Development in Colombia

The team explore the changed political landscape in Europe after the European parliamentary elections, and discuss obstacles to sustainable development in Colombia.

53 minute listen

Average voter turnout across the continent in the recent European elections was higher than at any time since the turn of the century. Agnes meets Thomas Raines, head of the Europe Programme at Chatham House, to discuss the implications of the vote for the UK and beyond.

In 2016 the Colombian government agreed a peace deal with revolutionary armed group the FARC, ending a civil war that lasted more than 50 years. The aftermath of the deal has seen rapid economic development, but at a cost to the environment.

Ben finds out more from Melissa MacEwen from the Energy, Environment and Resources Department at Chatham House.

Read the Chatham House expert comment.

Read the article: Colombia’s Struggle for Sustainable Development

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