Undercurrents: Empathy in the US Elections, and China–EU Relations

Was empathy key to Joe Biden’s victory? And how have COVID-19 and President Trump’s trade wars affected economic relations between China and the European Union?

Audio Updated 10 March 2021 Published 3 December 2020 50 minute listen

This week, as President-elect Joe Biden’s transition to the White House gathers pace, Ben speaks to academic and author Claire Yorke about the role that empathy played in the 2020 election campaign. They talk about empathy as a dynamic in campaigns, but also as a tool for governing, and take a look at examples elsewhere in the world of political empathy in action.

Then Ben is joined by Pepijn Bergsen to discuss the current trajectory of EU-China relations, particularly in the economic sphere, and consider how COVID-19 and US trade wars have impacted this complex geopolitical situation.

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