Regional cooperation for green growth in Asia

How can Asian countries work together to achieve green growth and sustainable development?
Research paper Updated 14 April 2021 Published 13 April 2021 ISBN: 978 1 78413 446 4
Solar-fishery plant in China

Hiroki Sekine

Former Visiting Fellow, Asia-Pacific Programme

Rapid economic growth in Asia in recent decades has had a massive impact on the global environment. Action in the region to introduce policies to mitigate climate change risks and adhere to the Sustainable Development Goals is crucial to tackling the climate crisis. However, Asian countries face a significant struggle in balancing the need for economic growth with protecting the environment. 

China, Japan and South Korea have each declared separate carbon-neutral goals. While these announcements are a positive sign, regional integrated action will achieve far greater impact than individual countries acting alone; potential areas of cooperation include cross-border electricity transmission, promotion of technology and the circular economy. 

Investment in the region is vital and could benefit from a shift in the financial community that has seen investors increasingly target greener and more sustainable projects.