Undercurrents: Taiwan, and elections in Latin America

If conflict erupts in the Taiwan Straits, how might Europe respond? And what can we learn from recent elections in Chile, Mexico and Nicaragua?

Audio Published 27 September 2021 57 minute listen

The controversial AUKUS security agreement, perceived by some as a way to counter China’s expansionist ambitions, has underlined the geopolitical significance of the Indo-Pacific region. One possible site of future conflict in the region is the Taiwan Straits, which separate Taiwan (ROC) from the Asian mainland. In this episode, Amrit speaks to Dr Yu Jie and Dr Liana Fix about a recent study on how military escalation in the Taiwan Straits could play out, and how Europe might respond. 

Then, Mariana is joined by Dr Chris Sabatini to discuss the trends and lessons emerging from a series of recent elections in Nicaragua, Mexico and Chile.