Undercurrents: The US-China rivalry in an age of crisis

How are states responding to the US-China rivalry? And is competition preventing a coordinated global response to the pandemic and climate change?

Audio Published 14 January 2022 54 minute listen

The twin crises of COVID-19 and climate change have exposed weaknesses in the institutions and diplomatic relationships designed to support global governance. In a new series of articles for Chatham House, John Kampfner has been exploring how competition between the United States and China has exacerbated these faultlines.

In his final piece, John assesses the relative soft power of the two states, and argues that the era of rivalry has tarnished both the American and Chinese brands, with many countries around the world growing wary of choosing allegiances. In this episode, Ben and John discuss the US-China strategic rivalry with Francis Fukuyama and Hongying Wang.