Is Ukraine politically divided?

James Nixey addresses whether there are political divisions in Ukraine or if the country is united in its fight for independence.

Explainer Video Updated 22 August 2022 Published 19 August 2022 2 minute watch

Ukraine politically divided

James says the irony is that Ukraine is a more cohesive country, a more unified country than at any time in its post-independence life with, according to a recent poll, 75 per cent of Ukrainians believing their country is now headed in the right direction.

He comments that political division is largely a Kremlin narrative, and that Ukraine is currently less divided than many other countries, such as the UK, the US, or Italy.

Although there is some divide between Ukrainian speakers and native Russian speakers, that has not translated into any sort of disunity so far as the approach to, and the resolve to combat and defeat Russia is concerned.