Independent Thinking: Sudan on the brink

Episode 23 of our weekly podcast examines the crisis overtaking Sudan since intense fighting broke out between the Sudanese army and the Rapid Support Forces (RSF).

Audio Published 27 April 2023 Updated 16 October 2023 37 minute listen

The panel discusses how Sudan’s military divided into two opposing camps, the leaders and supporters of the two armies, and what can be done to stem the fighting.

In addition, guests consider what the crisis in Sudan means for a region already damaged by conflicts in Ethiopia, Somalia, and elsewhere. With international forces evacuating Sudan and US-backed ceasefires failing, could the Horn of Africa be destabilized, especially in Ethiopia, Eritrea, and South Sudan?

Joining Bronwen Maddox this week from Chatham House is Rosalind Marsden, associate fellow with the Africa programme and a former European Union (EU) special representative for Sudan and its former British ambassador, Justin Lynch, a researcher who has written extensively on Sudan for Foreign Policy magazine and CNN, and Professor Mohamed Hassan Al Taishi, a former member of Sudan’s Transitional Sovereignty Council.

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