Belarus Initiative

Using data to understand how to assist Belarus’s democratic transition.

Since early 2022, Russia’s use of Belarusian territory and military infrastructure has played a significant role in its aggression against Ukraine. As Belarus’s position in the European security landscape has shifted, its own political environment has remained unchanged. The state’s continued disregard for democratic processes has left citizens deprived of the political transformation that they so clearly demanded in the 2020 protests.

The Belarus Initiative’s unique set of activities provides analysis and recommendations for the international community on how to help Belarusians transition towards a more pluralistic and just governance system – and how to resist the country’s further incorporation into Russia.

Using locally gathered evidence, including polling, it brings together the international policy community with local and regional experts and representatives to monitor and discuss the most difficult issues affecting Belarus.

The poll results and data sets are published on, a website run by the Center for New Ideas and Chatham House.

The Belarus Initiative is run in partnership with the Center for New Ideas and led by Ryhor Astapenia.