Emerging and disruptive technologies: Challenges and priorities for the NATO alliance

How are new technologies causing challenges for NATO?

Corporate members event, Webinar
12 April 2021 — 5:00PM TO 6:00PM

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Emerging and disruptive technologies are set to fundamentally change defence priorities and strategies. In the face of rapid modernization and a changing defence and security landscape, NATO is reviewing how these technologies could enhance its ability to respond and adapt.

At this event, panellists discuss key questions facing NATO including:

  • Which emerging technologies provide NATO with the chance to achieve competitive superiority?

  • How should NATO adapt to capture  the full potential of Emerging and Disruptive Technologies?

  • Can strategies and frameworks be implemented to harness the power of disruptive technologies?

  • How would these affect NATO’s vision for federated and networked capabilities?

  • What is needed to set up a research and development fund exploring emerging and disruptive technologies as per the recommendations of the 2030 Group of Experts? How should this be governed? And should it be accessible to third parties?

As with all Chatham House events, members’ questions drive the conversation. Register now to share, debate and develop ideas on this critical international issue.

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