Brexit: Then, now and the future

How has Britain’s negotiations with the EU set it on a post-EU path?

Members event, Panel
2 February 2023 — 6:00PM TO 7:00PM
Chatham House and Online

The Brexit negotiations went down to the wire between the UK and the EU in December 2020. By January 2021, the UK’s departure from the EU had taken place, but the new relationship was by no means stable. The UK and EU have since clashed on trade, migration and the Northern Ireland Protocol which are all left unresolved. 

This year, both sides have had to deal with domestic political instability, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and a global energy crisis that has changed the dynamics of its relationship. In the years ahead, both sides will need to address shared challenges, from the rise of China and climate change to security on the European continent. 

This discussion includes those who were in the room during the Brexit negotiations, including Michel Barnier’s adviser, to get an inside look on how the UK and EU negotiated Brexit. Combining insight from the new book, Inside the Deal – How the EU Got Brexit Done, with expert analysis the panel assesses where the post-Brexit negotiations are today.

Key questions include:

  • What issues in the deal still need to be fixed?

  • How has the EU evolved since Brexit?

  • How would a future Labour government approach the UK–EU relationship?

  • What are the best and worst case scenarios for UK–EU relations in 2030?

As with all members events, questions from the audience drive the conversation.

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