British foreign policy and the Conservative leadership contest

Time for a reset or a continuation in the post-Johnson era?

Members event, Panel
22 July 2022 — 12:00PM TO 1:00PM

As the contest for the Conservative leadership contest concludes, experts will discuss the foreign policy positions of the two candidates remaining in the field, what this means for the world and how the demise of the Johnson government has impacted UK foreign policy overall.

The inbox for a new cabinet is extensive and exhausting. From the ongoing conflict in Ukraine to relations with the EU, a new prime minister has plenty to address. With a maximum of only two years to the next election, are we likely to see any radical departure from the previous government’s foreign policy?

Key questions to be considered include:

  • How will UK foreign policy differ from the Johnson era?

  • What, if any effect, would the arrival of a new prime minister have on the UK’s approach to the war in Ukraine and to China policy?

  • Is the Northern Ireland protocol going to continue acting as a foreign policy headache for a new administration?

  • What is the international community’s reaction to the leadership contest?

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